Monday, January 5, 2009

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How And Why BLAC Was Formed

In 1991 racial tensions at Newton North High School peaked in the form of violence. Main Street, the wide hallway that extends down the heart of the school erupted in a riotous brawl. White students fought black students and black students fought white students as feelings that had been simmering beneath the surface finally burst forth.
A decision had to be made: the voice of black students was either going to fester or be fostered. BLAC was formed in order to encourage the latter. English teacher Inez Dover formed the group and served as its first advisor. Her role went above and beyond that of a traditional club advisor; she was to help guide the leaders of BLAC and its members as they became the leadership of voices of ethnic diversity in the school. Under her tutelage, BLAC took off and has been active ever since.
For the past few years, English teacher Adam Carpenter has been the advisor, and this year he’s charged the leaders with the mission of making BLAC more event-focused. This mission is leading us to Washington D.C. to see the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

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