Monday, January 5, 2009

BLAC's Interaction with the Principal

Not only does BLAC support students on a daily basis, it is also there when a specific need arises. In BLAC, we discuss issues pertaining to diverse students, and in these discussions deep personal feelings sometimes arise. Hence, BLAC has a unique perspective when it comes to the goings on of many of Newton North’s diverse groups of students. This close, personal perspective can serve as an invaluable tool in a situation where the needs of African American or other students are of special concern.
If something race-related arises, or if a disturbing race-related trend is observed to be festering in the body of Newton North, BLAC is in place to help advise the principal as to how to best deal with the issue. In 1991, we learned the hard way what happens when students are not heard. We’re dedicated to helping the principal, regardless of who he or she is, prevent this from happening again.
However, there are other issues concerning the achievement of African American students that BLAC can play a role in helping to fix. If students find that a discriminatory factor within the school is hindering the achievement of diverse students BLAC is in place to help advise the principal as he or she seeks to remedy the problem.

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