Monday, January 5, 2009

Leadership in BLAC

To be a leader of BLAC is an esteemed privilege that comes with an enormous amount of responsibility. Leaders carry the reputation of BLAC on their shoulders. The product of their planning and execution makes or breaks BLAC. In the past, half-hearted leaders have crippled the group. Ineffective leadership has dire results because this is not simply a club where people with similar tastes gather; it’s a place for the realization of goals of excellence.
When someone steps up to be a leader, he or she takes on the partial ownership of every member’s personal goals of excellence. This requires tight planning, punctuality and other aspects of dynamic organization.
In addition, leaders are examples. They strive to conduct themselves in the manner in which all BLAC members should conduct themselves. This is challenging because they are teenagers like everyone else with complex lives and decisions constantly floating around them. An effective leader is able to prioritize his or her life so it works in cooperation with his or her role as a leader of BLAC.

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